Saturday, February 26, 2011

Awareness Bracelets

Support any awareness cause by wearing an Awareness Bracelet from MK Jewels. The beautiful craftsmanship in MK Jewewls bracelets creates a delicate look. When you select an awareness bracelet from MK Jewels we donate 10% to the cause for further research. Click on the Artfire link to visit our shop, you don't see the bracelet for the cause you are looking for or would like for a bracelet to be designed differently, then send us an email and we will create one just for you.

Pearl Lavender Cancer Awareness Bracelet is made with 8" round Lavendar beads, 6mm Rice Pearl beads, silver seed beads and added a pewter Awareness Ribbon along with a .925 toggle clasp to finish off this beautiful bracelet.

Measures 8"

Cancer has become so much a part of my family and I want to create Awareness pieces and give back to the cause to further help with research.

Awareness is empowering. Awareness without action is worthless.

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