Monday, March 21, 2016

Cleaning and Caring for your Handmade Jewelry

MK Jewels jewelry is unique and each piece is handcrafted by hand. Each piece whether it be sterling silver, gold or plated needs special care in storing and cleaning. We have put together a few suggestions to keep your jewelry looking new and fresh. Storing Store jewelry flat to avoid stretching or twisting. Always store bead necklaces flat because stringing materials may stretch over time. Store jewelry in resealable or special jewelry bags or pouches with anti-tarnish paper to retard tarnish. Jewelry with pearls or opals, as well as some other stones, must be stored in fabric instead of plastic as they need to "breathe." Store jewelry away from sunlight. The sun may fade some gemstones or over heat the jewelry. Caring Protect all jewelry from scratches, sharp blows, chemicals, extreme temperatures, and sunlight. Remove jewelry when doing household or handyman tasks such a gardening, cleaning and household repairs or any strenuous activities. Apply makeup and hairspray before putting on your jewelry. Makeup and hairspray contain chemicals that may affect your jewelry.
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