Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Passion for Creating Jewelry

MK Jewels - Devotional Jewelry You Will Cherish

Designing Jewelry is my Passion - MK JEWELS offers a truly unique collection of Cancer Awareness, Inspirational and Remembrance Jewelry which is handcrafted by Heart. Each unique piece carries with it Hope, Love and Devotion which you will cherish for a lifetime.

We who enjoy our passion for making and designing jewelry are not primarily money motivated. The pursuit of making money is not the absolute reason for our employment.

True, money is a primary objective for having our business when we initially start our new enterprise, but there are many other reasons for self employment that are as important as financial success.

Self employment offers:

1. freedom
2. flexibility
3. creative outlet
4. mental and emotional stability
5. engaging our physical crafting skills
6. happiness
7. self satisfaction

Eight reasons to become a jewelry designer include:

1. Enjoying the freedom to design your brand of jewelry line.
2. You can work a schedule that fits your lifestyle.
3. Your business can be mobile.
4. You will have boundless creative ideas to keep you challenged.
5. A Jewelry designer is blessed with mental stability and emotional pleasures of beauty.
6. You will have the physical abilities for longevity in this business.
7. Working your passion of designing jewelry is happy, joyous work.
8. During and after being in the jewelry business you will experience self satisfaction.

If making jewelry or being a jewelry designer is your work passion, you are a very fortunate person as you have chosen a profession that has employment longevity partnered with happiness and pleasure for a life time.
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